I recently purchased this filly, and a friend recommended Lifeforce Elite Performance to me. I decided to give it a try and put her on it. I was pleasantly surprised by the results after a month. It will be a supplement I use from now on.
Shannon C
My semi-retired Thoroughbred gelding is frankly a bit of an anomaly. He’s a generally easy keeper — so much so that he is often mistaken for a warmblood — and his personality is typically very even keel. However, his breed giveaway has always been his weak feet. To make matters worse, we have been dealing with extremely dry weather over the past couple of years, leading to chips and cracks, in addition to slower growth. A friend suggested I try Lifeforce Hoof and what a difference it has made in the amount of foot we have to work with! I now recommend to all of my clients and friends.
Rhiannon Dudley
Owner & Trainer, Somethin' Special Dressage
My yearling filly was not shedding her winter coat well, despite following the recommended veterinary deworming protocol. I added Lifeforce Elite Performance to her diet — honestly not expecting it to change much — and was shocked at her transformation in a little over one month. I would highly recommend using Lifeforce Elite Performance, especially if you are prepping a horse for sale or spring show season.
Joanna Russell
Owner, Lasting Star Equestrian
I am so thrilled I found these products. Not only does Lifeforce offer a variety of supplements which meet all the unique nutritional needs of every horse in my barn, but they are easy to feed and have my horses looking better than ever! I have seen first-hand the results of feeding these supplements and their resealable packaging is just one more factor that sets them apart from competitors I have tried in the past!
Frankie Thieriot Stutes
5* Event Rider & US National Champion