Lifeforce Weight Booster

Concentrated calorie source for all classes of horses

Benefits of Lifeforce Weight Booster Supplement for Horses

Contains 50% fat for ideal body condition
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for improved skin and horse coat health
No-sugar-added formulation for cool energy

Feeding Instructions

Enclosed scoop holds approximately 4 oz.

  • For added calories or weight maintenance, top-dress feed with 1 scoop (4 oz.) of Lifeforce Weight Booster formula per day.
  • For skin and coat, top-dress feed with ½ scoop (2 oz.) per day.
  • Depending on activity level and condition, up to 2 scoops (8 oz.) may be fed daily with no adverse effects. Divide equally into two feedings.
  • Serving size is based on an average 1,000- to 1,100-lb. horse.

Nutrition Information

Guaranteed Analysis (per 4-oz. scoop)
Crude protein, min
Crude Fat, Min
Crude Fiber, Max
Acid detergent fiber, max
Neutral detergent fiber, max
Calcium, Min
Calcium, Max
Phosphorus, Min
Omega-3 fatty acids, min
Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis, min
4 billion CFU/lb
Calculated digestible calorie content
2,500 kcal/lb


Vegetable oil, flaxseed, stabilized rice bran, yeast culture, calcium carbonate, dried Bacillus licheniformis fermentation product, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, calcium propionate (a preservative) and BHT (a preservative).